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Urgent Alert! Call Dan Patrick, stop the spread of new virus: Electoral Monopolitis

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

A virus has been detected at the Capitol of Texas. “Electoral Monopolitis” could wipe out competitive elections, cherished by nearly 4 million Texas independent voters. We are the voters who shop, so don’t tread on our options, legislators!

Senate Bill (SB) 1705 will force minor parties to hold costly primaries – subsidized by the state of Texas to the tune of at least $54 million in public dollars (see the fiscal note here). The genius who authored this bill seeks to stop minor parties from holding and paying for their own conventions. The obvious purpose is to open the door for interference in minor party nominations.

“The Electoral Monopolitis virus was concocted in the dark and was embedded into a number of bills, starting with SB 1705, by Mays Middleton (R-Galveston). My own State Senator, Charles Schwertner (R-Georgetown), just signed on as a co-author. The good news is that the political virus could be stopped simply by the Lt. Governor refusing to call the bill to the floor of the Senate. If SB 1705 is called up for debate our next chance is to get the Senators to vote it down. This could happen any day without any notice to us. So, get on the phone, y’all, NOW!” said Linda Curtis, LIV's chief organizer.


1. RIGHT NOW! Call Lt. Governor Dan Patrick at 512.463.0001.

Ask him to “refrain from calling up any bills, including SB 1705, seeking to limit electoral competition to the state’s 4 million independents.”

2. Call your own State Senator and State Representative. Ask them to, “refrain from voting for SB 1705 or its house companion, and any bills this session that would limit electoral competition for 4 million Texas independent voters.” Find your legislators here.

3. Call the Senators who support this bill and ask them to stand down. And, if you know folks who live in their districts, ask them to call them!


  • Forward this message and/or share it on social media.

  • Volunteer! Email us at, or call 512.213.4511.

  • DONATE! We need funds to pay for voter mobilization.

Contact us for details. We’re here to help.

Real our last news post, all about SB 1705, "Indy Burr Under Mays' and Charlie's Saddles: Kill SB 1705."

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15. Apr. 2023

I wonder to what extent we can move legislators without real roots in their district. Therefore, readers, become a dues paying member of LIV, then call your state rep and senator. Thank you!

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