Approximately 700 Texans died in February 2021 during the Big Freeze. And the grid is still not fixed as we face another hard winter.

Our cities are teeming with people without affordable housing, secure energy and water. 

Yet our politicians want us to keep fighting each other, while their big donors walk off with the cash.

Beefs, oh yes, we've got beefs.


But, here's what we've got that counts the most. We've got some solutions.


 Take a look below at what we DO and allow us to give you this...

Not so subtle hint:

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Grow the Independent Movement for Electoral Reform!

The outspoken star of Shark Tank, Mark Cuban, is a self-declared independent.


Cuban and LIV support the Center for Competitive Democracy's federal lawsuit to end obstructionist petition requirements in Texas for independent candidates and minor parties.

Check out LIV's multiple electoral reforms to win competitive elections and get involved!


Homegrown Petitions -- Texans’ Most Powerful Tool for Local Control

Have you heard a local official answer your reasonable request with "that will happen when pigs fly?" Do you have an open government problem in your town?

LIV's Homegrown Petitions is a program to give citizens the tools they need to exercise their municipal petition rights in Texas to place measures on the ballot for voters to decide.

Read more and contact us for help because you have the right to petition for a public vote!


The Big Squeeze: Protecting our most precious resource. 

Water is the most valuable resource on the planet. But the Texas Legislature is far too busy with culture wars, power struggles and political deals to pay attention to the disastrous water policy we call "the California Water Model" unfolding in Texas.

For now, go to our "News" section and search for "water." You will see we have a long history fighting to protect our most precious resource. Come back here soon for new content.


Development Done Right

Are you plum wore out by developers who promise you a rose garden, come to find out it's a patch of weeds? Are you a local official who is frustrated by the rip-off artists who hustle you knowing the Legislature has given you few tools to make growth pay for itself?

Development Done Right is a new project coming soon! If you are in a rush like LIV is all the time, call us and we'll show you what's coming but not yet on this site.