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King Greg Didn't Get the Memo: Simpson goes independent

Picture of former State Representative David Simpson
Simpson goes independent!
Picture of the crowned Governor Greg Abbott
King Greg

The answer to speech that we disagree with or irresponsible speech is more speech and responsible speech. Republican and Democrat authoritarian leaders have lost their way,” a former State Representative and longtime Republican, David Simpson who just left the Republican Party of Texas–see Longview News-Journal.


Just as the world has come together – from across all faiths and political orientations -- for a ceasefire in Gaza, and as we witness a man-made disaster and famine set in, what does the Governor of Texas do? 


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott just issued an Executive Order to curb free speech on Texas university campuses. It’s all supposedly in the name of deterring anti-semitism. Sorry, Governor, but millions of Jews including in Israel itself, are protesting the genocide happening in Gaza. This review by Jewish Voices for Peace lays out the resolution, noting the ceasefire is only for a few weeks

picture of Debbie Russell
Debbie Russell, LIV Board Member

Memo to the sick bastard aka King Greg: According to the ACLU-TX, ‘Universities must already protect students, faculty, and staff from harassment directed at any racial, ethnic, or religious group. Peaceful expressions of dissent are integral to the educational experience and a functioning democracy.’” Debbie Russell, Board Member, League of Independent Voters of Texas, and longtime free speech advocate.


For all you free speech advocates and political independents, check out what a real conservative, longtime independent and Constitution Party leader, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, says about why no one should accept Hamas’ body count of 30,000 Gazans.”


(Note: Ryad Mansour, the Palestinian representative to the UN, estimates 100,000 deaths.)


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