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Our Board

LIV's Board is looking to expand significantly in 2023. Learn all About LIV Here. Our by-laws allow up to 36 members. See LIV districts here. Contact us if you're interested serving on our board or on our Advisory Board.


Arlan Foster

Arlan is an East Texas bubba with a heart of gold and a knack for telling jokes. A union leader and organizer, retired police officer, veteran and tradesman, Arlan has a keen ability to think through how to solve -- not make --problems. He also knows from raising an extended family the importance of being the adult in the room full of childlike politicians. Read Arlan's bio


Jeff Harper

Jeff got heavily involved in the independent movement during the first Ross Perot presidential campaign in 1992. A tradesman by trade, Jeff is one of the most well-read amateur economists this side of the Pecos. He authors "Uncle Sam's Checkbook," and is LIV's well-informed budget and redistricting nerd. 

Read Jeff's bio.


David Jones

David has an MBA, is a US Air Force Veteran, an experienced Health and Wellness Advocate with over 20 years of experience. David is a leading tenant’s rights advocate in Austin, Texas where renters and homeowners face an affordability collapse.

Read more about David.

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