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Our Board

LIV's Board is looking to expand. Learn all About LIV Here. Our by-laws allow up to 36 members. See LIV districts here. Contact us if you're interested serving on our board or on our Advisory Board.

Arlan Foster 2022.jpg

Arlan Foster

Arlan is an East Texas bubba with a heart of gold and a knack for telling jokes. A union leader and organizer, retired police officer, veteran and tradesman, Arlan has a keen ability to think through how to solve -- not make --problems.  


Read Arlan's bio


Deb Russell

Debbie Russell was born and raised in Houston, Texas, receiving her BA from University of Houston in 1992. Debbie also lived in Austin for 25 years, moving back home recently to help with family needs.  


Read Deb's bio


David Jones

David has an MBA, is a US Air Force Veteran, and is an experienced Health and Wellness Advocate with over 20 years of experience. David is a leading renter’s rights advocate in Austin, Texas where renters and homeowners face an affordability collapse.

Read David's bio.

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