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Tuesday night -- LIV Forum! Only a higher power can block your view on May 28th. Note: No Labels

Updated: Apr 8

Picture of clouds blocking sun
Only a higher power than King Greg can block your view.

Is the fight to lockdown one-party rule in the May 28th GOP tiny turnout runoff primaries an opportunity for Texas independents to take King Greg -- and his fat-walleted donor friends -- down a notch? Join us on Tuesday night to hear from former State Rep. David Simpson, and national ballot access expert Richard Winger, along with a special guest from West Texas, Sarah Stogner.

King Greg and his billionaire cronies are flooding Texas with cash from West Texas billionaire Tim Dunn, a guy who wants to tell you how to read your bible, as are donors from across the nation, like Pennsylvania-based TikTok investor, Jeff Yass, the largest donor in the nation and the D.C. based political whorehouse, Club for Growth.

Picture of Gov. Abbott and Jeff Yass, TikTok investor and donor
Let us not forget that Abbott banned TikTok before he grabbed the largest donation in Texas history from Yass ($6M).

We believe that this GOP primary is not -- as Texans are being told -- really about "school choice" (vouchers) or the Texas border. It's more about the continued march to dismantle local control and representative government in Texas. Remember HB 2127 is still in court.

If these power-hungry dudes elect more of their cronies to the Texas House, they will

move to close the Texas open primary in the 2025 legislative session. This is to serve the desires of those who wish to thwart our U.S. and Texas constitutional guarantees to representative government.

We will get right to these questions on Tuesday night and move from there. Why are open primaries important to Texas voters? And, how can Texas independents be a force to swing the outcome on May 28th? Join us on Zoom, Tuesday night, April 9th, 7 pm -- RSVP here. Invite your friends.

Try to get through this homework for this event.

Read: "I wear no Man's Collar," Rep. Glenn Rogers (R-Mineral Wells)

For later, a long read: "What Liberals Get Wrong About 'White Rural Rage', Almost Everything," Nicholas F. Jacobs.

==> BTW, on No Labels' decision to withdraw from the presidential race: the independent movement must be built from the ground up and focused on the uplifting of independent voters. We learned this when Ross Perot and the Reform Party in the 1990s imploded after our 4-year and very well-funded experiment took place. More soon as we sift the wheat from the chaff on the direction of the independent movement.

See you soon on Zoom!


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