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Our Advisory Board

LIV's Advisory Board does just that -- advise. Most of what we do would be impossible without them. They, like our regular Board, are all volunteers. Are you interested in joining our Advisory Board? Contact us.


James Murphy has over 25 years of experience in law and executive management; planning, funding, and implementation of regional water supply projects.


LIV is very lucky to have James stellar volunteer advice as one of the top water lawyers in Texas with a keen eye for creative legislative options. He is all things water!


Read James's impressive resume.


Linda Curtis is a co-founder of LIV and a longtime political independent who serves as our volunteer Chief Organizer for LIV. We respect and listen to her advice -- and, sometimes even follow it! 

In 2001, twelve years before co-founding LIV, Linda co-founded Independent Texans PAC, "the poorest little pac in Texas, not a political whorehouse."


See Linda's bio.

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