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LIV launches Texas Independent Voter Survey as the American Solidarity Party convenes in Plano

LIV launched our Texas independent Voter Survey just as the American Solidarity Party holds its national convention in Plano, Texas.

Come and take it -- the Texas Independent Voter Survey -- y'all!

LIV advocates for no single political party and wish all our minor party friends, including the Solidarity Party the best!

The American Solidarity Party is very new, starting in the 2016 election cycle. Click on their logo to access their website.

They have well-thought-out positions on some big issues.

LIV advocates for a multi-party competitive electoral system to enhance the policy debate that is all but dead in our state and country. We are also "fusionists," working with people in all political parties, including the major parties as we organize Texas independents who may not identify with any single political party.

After you do this survey, contact us to get involved. And, please become a member of LIV today. Dues start at just $10 for the year.


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