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Matt’s Out. Says ‘Some Things Need Fixing’ in Texas Politics

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Matt McConaughey recently made his unsurprising announcement that he would not be running for Governor. With no political experience and putting his career and family at risk, we don't blame him.

McConaughey said something vital to us at LIV in his short video announcement. We got a kick out of his statement about Texas politics that "some things need fixing." That might be the understatement of the year, but we'll take it, Matt!

We hope McConaughey figures out his best role yet if he's serious about fixing Texas politics. That could be to work the sidelines along with the millions of disenfranchised Texas voters -- Texas independents.

McConaughey's fame, "bounty" and good looks put in the service of helping to mobilize the millions of Texans who do not party salute could upend GOP one-party rule that's literally killing us.

The Gallup Poll has tracked independents since 2004. In October, Gallup had independents polling at 44%, far more than Democrats or Republicans.

For crying out loud, Texas independents could be six to seven million strong. But who is will organize us?

Maybe it is as it should be -- independents must organize ourselves.

A New Party? Not looking likely but the filing deadline is December 13th.

We do expect down-ballot independents for local, state, and federal seats.

For now, independents may have to remain the swing voters. We just need to get a whole lot better at swinging to end one-party rule. That's that Texas GOP at the state level and machine (also called "corporate") Democrats in our large municipalities.

Playing the Sidelines in 2022 -- Independent Texan Agenda

The question of how to unite independent Texans without a party or the rich and famous is perplexing, just like the question our video posed to you last week. Watch, "Are We Still At War?" LIV video now on LIV's home page.

I helped to co-found LIV having been part of many glorious and failed independent experiments over the last 40 years. Failure has taught us much.

We readily admit that mobilizing six to seven million independent Texans is easy to say but hard, and maybe even impossible, to do.

But if we mobilize just 10% of Texas independents in the 2022 election, this could make independent voters kingmakers and topple King Greg.

Texas GOP one-party rule is killing us, so perhaps you see my point. We really have no choice.

This Is What One-Party Rule and a King Got Us:

A Dangerously Broken Grid Without a Fix:

  • The Texas energy grid remains unstable as we head into another potentially rough winter. King Greg says he won't let the grid fail again. Does that reassure you, after he accepted a $1M donation from the CEO of the company that profited most from the grid failure -- Kelcy Warren of Energy Transfer?

  • Did you know that massive energy-sucking bitcoin mining is setting up shop in Central Texas?

  • The $54 billion in profiteering off the grid's failure has yet to be clawed back for ratepayers.

  • To take the cake are state officials who apparently could care less about the 700 related deaths, failing to so much as a call for an independent investigation. (See BuzzFeed, "The Graveyard Doesn't Lie."

Undermining local economies with subsidies abuse:

Williamson County Officials gave citizens a three-day notice before they gave Samsung 90% property tax abatements for 20 years involving hundreds of millions of public dollars. This week Abbott bragged about what a great "deal" it is. Might we ask, for whom? See LIV Blog, "Samsung Subsidies: Skallawags Snookers"

Monopolized elections:

Statewide independents must gather 83,000 signatures in 30-60 days from voters who didn't vote in the primary. The Cost? Well over $1 million, guaranteeing that only the rich and famous can run. See this release.

Austin Growth Machine Gone Wild:

The Democratic Party "growth machine" -- is making Austin the most unaffordable community outside of California. The Texas GOP has only aided and abetted the problem. (More soon in LIV's Development Done Right section.)

Get involved! Help LIV

Develop the Independent Texan Agenda 2022!

• Unrigging Election Rules for Independents and New Parties • Fixing the Grid with an Independent Citizen-led Commission • Protecting Texas Water

• Ending Subsidies Abuse

• Making Growth Pay for Itself

RSVP for Monday's Forum• Dec. 6, 7 pm

Take these five steps now to make us happy little independent elves:

  1. Watch the one-minute "Are We Still At War Video" on our home page and share it.

  2. Join and contribute to LIV here. Dues are as low as $10/year.

  3. Subscribe to LIV's YouTube page – it's free and post a comment)

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We will be back shortly with lots more LIV News. Stay tuned, y'all.

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