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Release: Lawsuit Challenges Texas Ballot Access Laws

Updated: Dec 16, 2023


Thank you, Mark Cuban, shark for democracy

Mark Cuban, shark for democracy

BIG news for Texas Independents! With some powerful pro-bono legal chops from Shearman & Sterling and the non-profit Center for Competitive Democracy — against the unfair petition rules for independents and minor parties in Texas — independent voters hit the news!

The suit was filed within days of Ross Perot’s passing. Perot had the deep pockets to afford a “world-class” campaign in 1992 and 1996. But you shouldn’t have to be a billionaire to run.

That is why it is remarkable for another Texas independent billionaire, Mark Cuban, to be a supporter of this challenge to open up Texas ballot access laws. He can afford it, like Ross Perot.

Today, we continue the battle for competitive elections. It’s all about the millions of voters in Texas who want more choices, regardless of their voting status.

Read the press release here. Lawsuit Press Release 7-11-2019

Read the suit here. Complaint Texas Petitions

Check out this August 9, 2019 article in Texas Lawyer about the heavyweights providing pro-bono services for this important litigation: Big Law Pro Bono Counsel Backs Texas Ballot-Access Lawsuit _ Texas Lawyer

PS A founder of LIV, Michele Gangnes, Esq., and LIV Advisory Board member, Mark Miller, are independent plaintiffs in this litigation. Much of the news coverage has focused on the Libertarian and Green parties, who are important to this suit. But the impact of this litigation is most dramatic when you think about that more Texans are independent than those who identify with any party. This includes many people who vote in the Texas open primaries in either major party. Texas independents are likely at least about 38% in 2019. (National Gallup Polls have tracked independents since 2004 — see here.)


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