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The Texas Independent Voter Survey Semi-Final Herding of Cats

Graphic of man on horse herding cats

Thanks to you not-so-easily-herded independent-minded voter cats who filled out our latest Texas Independent voter survey, we now have a Semi-Final Texas Independent Voter Survey.

Your input was very helpful. We need you and others to take the new version.

LIV is testing questions, tweaking questions, and adding and subtracting questions, based on your responses. We are preparing for a final rollout to reach thousands of independent Texas voters.

The LIV survey is for the many independents who vote in either party primary, vote Libertarian or Green, are helping new parties get established (like the Forward and.Solidarity parties), and/or are independent voters who do not party salute. In this way, we are building a fusion movement -- bringing together voters across all parties and ideologies to address the issues covered in the survey.

LIV expanded the survey to twenty questions and has added references, so take your time.

We promise, there is an end in sight!

Please take the latest survey and ask your friends and family to take it.

Please note: Your input at the end of the survey helps us sharpen our questions for the final survey. Also, friends across the nation are welcome to take the survey too.

Thank you!


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