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The Independent Texan Survey for Candidates & Voters Released!

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

LIV recently released our "Independent Texan Survey" to 1000 candidates running for State Legislature and County offices. Below is the letter we sent to candidates:

Dear Candidate for Texas State and County Office: The League of Independent Voters of Texas (LIV) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501c4 organization founded in 2013. Though LIV does not endorse candidates, we will issue a star rating to candidates of any party for County and State offices in 2022. You might want to use our rating to reach out to independent Texas voters. There are millions of us "swing voters"! We only ask you to fill out our Independent Texan voter survey online. It is due to us by Thursday, January 27th at midnight. If you have time constraints, do let us know. Please reply to this message or give us a call with any questions you have. Please make sure to leave your email, website and phone number at the end of the survey so we may contact you. We would greatly appreciate a reply to this message that you intend to participate by doing this survey. TAKE THE LIV SURVEY HERE! Thank you for putting yourself through the arduous process of running for political office. Trust that we feel your pain!

LIV seeks to represent independent and minor party voters in Texas, just as we work across all parties and ideologies to educate and unite voters. In short, LIV seeks: 1. More electoral choices. 2. Ending partisan warfare between the two parties. 3. Making growth pay for itself while protecting our water and land resources. We hope to hear from you and good luck!


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