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The Fix on Ken Paxton

Photo of Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, the judge in Ken Paxton's trial

From Quorum Report's Harvey Kronberg on September 4th:

"We also know that the presiding officer, Patrick, is unalterably compromised having taken $3 million from the theocratic billionaires who are also Paxton’s financial lifeline. Two-thirds of those dollars from Defend Texas Liberty PAC come in the form of a loan. But the terms of re-payment or loan forgiveness have not been disclosed. That fact has justifiably led to all kinds of nefarious and not unreasonable conclusions. It does not help that mouthpiece Jonathan Stickland continues to brag about all the money that has been and will be spent defending Paxton – presumably including the $3 million to Patrick. This may be the most odious legislative campaign contribution since Bo Pilgrim handed out $10,000 checks on the Senate floor.

Perhaps Patrick plans to follow the old legislative nostrum, which is cleaned up here for family viewing:

“You take their money, drink their whiskey, ‘mess with’ their women and then vote against them anyway.”

The full reprint of this article is here, with our ongoing appreciation of Quorum Report.

LIV Note: No matter what the fix on Ken Paxton turns out to be, the door is open for Texans to clean our dirty houses in the Texas Legislature. To be sure, independent Texans can play a major role. The filing deadline for candidates to run in 2024 is December 11th.


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