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Surprise! Texas Petition Rights Could be on Chopping Block!

Attorney Elizabeth "Liz" Miller is providing the following one-minute testimony today for LIV to the House Elections Committee in opposition to House Bill 4701. Read Miller's statement and take the simple action we suggest below:

"Don’t do this.

There is no other jurisdiction in the United States that gives unilateral power to one official to stop 'the right to petition government for redress of grievances” enshrined in the United States and Texas Constitutions.'

Giving the Attorney General of Texas the power to unilaterally determine that a petition is, “inconsistent with state law” is a big mistake. Purely and simply, members, you will have petitioners from across the state and across the political spectrum mad as hell as the state of Texas.

Do not trample on the first amendment.

Do not do this."

If you are a constituent of a member of the House Elections Committee, we suggest you call their office. Find your member here.

Let us know you have done it by sending us a message to Thank you!


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