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URGENT: Send this letter to Gov. Abbott, Veto HB 2127!

Updated: May 19, 2023

Picture of Governor of Texas Greg Abbott
Texas Governor Greg Abbott

This special alert from LIV asks you to reach Governor Abbott to urge a veto of HB 2127. Please sign this letter to Governor Abbott urging him to veto HB 2127. Details below.

Texans want MORE, not less, local control and home rule!

The Texas GOP establishment is losing IT, that is Independent Texans. There are eight million Texans who vote for the person, not the party. Together with millions of voters of all parties, we are sick and tired of being in the crossfire between the two parties.

If House Bill 2127 goes into law, every Texan can kiss goodbye their rights to local control and home rule, a right guaranteed by the Texas Constitutional Amendment for Home Rule enacted 111 years ago.

HB 2127 guts your local government’s already modest ability, among other things, to conserve water, enact and uphold worker protections, and moderate hyper-development and pollution. The Legislature, not local governments and their taxpayers, would dictate the rules for businesses, including local taxpayer giveaways to major corporations regardless of their impacts on all of the above. (More here about HB 2127 in the Texas Tribune.)

Here's the disgraceful kicker to HB 2127:

The bill guts citizens' rights to petition for a public vote in our home-rule cities (over 350 cities with at least 5,000 population), where the vast majority of Texans live.

Please sign the letter under this link, add your own text if you wish, then call the Governor at 512.463.2000 to urge him to veto HB 2127. We need your help to reach thousands more Texans, so please share away, ye Texans!

The GOP establishment, in their political dispute with the Democrats, wants to use their majority power now over ALL Texans, not just our local governments.

Don’t let these guys get away with it.

Got questions? Call LIV at 512.213.4511 (no texts) or email us at Thank you! You can tell us about your experience in the comment section at the end of this post or feel free to call LIV at 512.213.4511 (no texts.) Again, thank you for paying attention to small "d" democracy in Texas.


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