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SAWS Accountability and an audit of Vista Ridge

Is it not time for SAWS Accountability and an audit of Vista Ridge?!

In 2014, when the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) and the then City Council, put the bums rush (30 days) on the Vista Ridge water pipeline project, we united across the 142-mile pipeline to urge a careful look at consequences of the Vista Ridge water pipeline. The Council was warned that it could not only do harm to the infinitesimally slow recharging aquifers underlying Burleson County, but also the mighty Edwards Aquifer!

Now here we are today, with SAWS ready to takeover the Edwards Aquifer Protection Program, threatening serious harm to the program and the Edwards.

It is not time for SAWS Accountability and a full audit of Vista Ridge?!

This coming Sunday a petition drive will kickoff in San Antonio for just that. This is a volunteer drive for which we need many hands and some of your hard-earned dollars.

Live in San Antonio? Come on over to these events!

Don't let landowners get screwed again by End Op, Lost PINES!

Got questions? Reply to this message or give us a call at our San Antonio number: 210.807.7273.

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