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“Private Letter” from Austin Mayor Steve Adler

Did you get the “Private Letter” from Austin Mayor Steve Adler urging you to contribute to another public official — San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg? Nirenberg is facing a tough reelection and what Adler simply calls a “special interest” group with no identification.

LIV does not endorse candidates. But, we do support real and full disclosure in elections. So, we’d like you to know the identity of the “special interest” Adler fails to identify. The San Antonio Firefighters Association! They are supporting the mayor’s opponent in the upcoming San Antonio Mayoral runoff election.

This isn’t simply a labor-management fight, folks. “Management” isn’t just your elected city council and Mayor. Management also includes those guys in suits behind the dais – the lobbyists pushing a “growth at all costs” agenda that the Mayor of San Antonio seems to have fully embraced along with the Mayor of Austin.

The “Growth Machine” agenda has already overwhelmed Austin’s affordability while endeavoring mightily to bring San Antonio down the same dubious road.

San Antonio just won the same rating Austin enjoyed a few years ago. The Alamo City is now rated the most economically segregated metro area in the country. (More here.)

The two mayors’ clear intent is to build the megalopolis between Austin and San Antonio.

Does that benefit any of us regular residents, regardless of party or persuasion?

What you do in the voting booth is your own business. But, don’t let Austin’s or San Antonio’s Growth Machine mess with you.

Own it, y’all! Join LIV to “make growth pay for itself” and get involved.

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Photo Credit: Rivard Report

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