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PAC bites Austin…when will Austin bite back?

PAC bites Austin. Here is your proof. We didn’t say this…the Austin Monitor did.

If you follow city politics, these “innocents” have been around for a very long time. We promise you, they can read and understand campaign finance laws. How else could they break them and get away with it?

They are seen laughing their butts off as they stopped a citizens movement for simply the right to vote on the land development code — formerly called “CodeNEXT.”

What’s next. Enjoy the article and get ready to fight for a real Ethics Commission with the teeth that can bite!

If you start an LIV chapter in Austin, we’ll show you exactly how.

Ethics commission finds Prop J PAC violated campaign finance laws.

Join LIV here and get active with us.

#landdevelopmentcode #PropJ

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