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Now it’s your petition rights in Texas!

Now it’s your petition rights, as they raid your water and your wallets.

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House Bill 2595, the anti-petition bill, passed the Texas House on May 8th with no discussion after the author, Rep. Jim Keffer, called Texans’ right to petition “mob mentality”. If passed by the Senate, HB 2595 would shatter Texans’ the right to petition for a public vote, the most fundamental form of local control. (See how they voted here.)

These FACTS on HB 2595 make plain that this bill is a power grab by these Texas lobbies who are piling on to stop citizens from reigning in their city government on most any issue, going far beyond stopping frack bans” already passed (House Bill 40).

Texans, we must not let the Texas Legislature erase 103-years of petition rights passed by Texas voters via a constitutional amendment for home rule in 1912.

A hearing on HB 2595 MIGHT happen next Tuesday at 9 am. Please pencil that in and we’ll be back asap with more.

We’ll talk about it on Saturday’s 9 am conference call – call us for details at 512-213-4511 or send us an email at:

Meanwhile, call your Senator to ask her or him to say no way to HB 2595 — and, if you haven’t yet — to “Gridzilla”, House Bill 3298/Senate Bill 1907 (more here on the status of Gridzilla).

News coming on the water front real soon.

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