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Join us on Zoom Monday, 7 pm: Good, Bad, and Ugly Bills 88th Lege Session

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LIV Monday Night Forum

We are delighted to host leaders from two top-notch non-partisan Texas organizations to talk with you on Monday night about the good, bad, and ugly bills in the 88th Legislative Session:

Adrian Shelley, Esq., Director of Public Citizen, Texas

Katya Ehresman, Common Cause of Texas

We will focus on the "preemption bill," HB 2127, a broad legislative attack on local control which includes our rights as citizens to petition for a public vote, the improvements (and lack thereof) at the TCEQ (Texas Commission for Environmental Quality), and election interference bills such as SB 1933 and more.

Don't miss this first LIV forum on the 2023 Lege. There will be more as more special sessions appear on the horizon, not to mention an impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton. What a world!

Must Reads!

  • The inimitable independent journalist Glenn Greenwald's May 30th show on Rumble, "Ukraine Bombs Moscow Residents," delivers and urgent cautionary tale. On the heels of Greenwald's tragic loss of his husband, David Miranda, he warns us about the potential escalation of the Ukraine conflict that could rock everyone's world. It also has a hilarious segment on a beluga whale as a Russian spy.

  • Ballot Access News: Enjoy Rich Winger's publication covering all the news about competitive elections! Here's June's.

  • Thanks to Harvey Kronberg's Quorum Report, "Hard to See a Path for Paxton." we peons get a chance to understand what's really going on behind the scenes.

  • Governor Greg Abbott has an ironic and major Rick Perry Oops moment in the handling of this mess of a special session on property taxes. Quorum Report's Scott Braddock excoriates the well-deserving King Greg.

  • For those of you who ask why Ken Paxton was impeached by the Texas House, here are the charges published in the Texas Tribune. The Texas Senate has yet to set the date for a trial.

  • Growth Gone Wild! A tidal wave of development east of Austin is a clash between industrial development especially from Elon Musk-related companies and suburban sprawl with 32 new developments on the way in Bastrop County alone! Local farmers (remember local foods?) and current residents are facing huge environmental challenges to our water and land, aka our natural resources. Here's just one development with 1200 homes covered in the Statesman this week. LIV's question is where is the water coming from as we are about to pollute it -- the Colorado River downstream from Austin? Get involved, y'all. Contact us here and join us at the Monday forum.


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