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Mark Cuban Bullish on Ending Duopoly

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Catch Mark Cuban's appearance on the CBS Mornings Show about Cost Plus Drug Company's entry into and "disruption" of the pharmaceutical marketplace.

One of America's most famous and one of the few beloved billionaires talks about why making more money doesn't float his boat. In his interview, Cuban exudes excitement for leveraging his business acumen and wealth to create positive change for the American people. And then, when asked about his politics, he drops the bomb—his support for ending the political "duopoly" and implementing rank choice voting.

Cuban's cold call from Dr. Alex Oshmyansky, founder and CEO of Cost Plus, opened the door for what Big Pharma brought on itself with excessive and dehumanizing profiteering. In a world of inflation Cuban says he cannot control, we might learn from what Dr. Oshmyansky did that got Cuban's attention. He developed a far less costly and equally effective medicine outside the Big Pharma system and pitched it to Cuban.

Cuban’s political statement we take as a challenge for us all to become disruptors. Might we independent political actors develop a prototype for independent political action outside the two-party system to compete with the two parties for pennies on the dollar?

Last week's ruling on Roe v. Wade comes simultaneously with a growing crisis in our economy. As we watch billions pilfered from the public purse on broken subsidy programs and the squandering of our natural resources (water and land), we have a hardened GOP attempting to take America off the cliff with NO abortions and even the right to birth control.

Texas Democrats will surely fall for the continued provocation by the moribund GOP because they too are largely funded by "The Austin and DC Lobby." They AGREE on subsidizing the massive in-migration growth that will continue to leverage our water and land resources to death. (Clarification: We have friends in both parties and plenty of enemies too.)

What are we independents to do? Why not seek a revolutionary break with the two-party system by addressing the fundamentals, which government should be doing but is not? Independents should advocate for the government to get out of our bedrooms and bathrooms. And if they continue to refuse, we must engage in what they refuse to do -- problem-solving that includes fundamental tax reform, protection of natural resources, and preparation for continued crises everyone knows is coming with inflation, food shortages, energy instability and increased costs, and drought.

Cost Plus is a revolutionary break in American business with a straightforward approach.

Check out this letter by Cuban, laying out the mission of Cost Plus.

How can we independent political activists foment a similar revolution by disrupting the political duopoly?

We ask you to help answer this question by joining the League of Independent Voters and becoming a shark for small "d" democracy in America.

Don't forget Cuban is backing litigation challenging the ballot access rules for independent candidates and new parties. Read about the suit taken by the Center for Competitive Democracy and Shearman & Sterling, LLP here. A ruling is expected soon!

Join LIV and be part of the solution.


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