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Make calls as soon as you see this

We at LIV really hope you will make calls as soon as you see this as the legislature moves into its final phase ending on May 27.

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It’s time to KILL this BAD Petition Bill, SB 323! Calls needed now, including eves or weekends.

HB 1066, brought to us by the SAWS lobby team for water hustlers to

James Murphy, a top Texas water lawyer and LIV Advisor, speaks to San Antonio City Council urging them to rein in SAWS…”it wasn’t always this way.” (Note: Citizen testimony starts at about 3:06:00.)

mute landowner challenges to mega-water export permits is on the Governor’s desk! Urge Gov. Abbott to veto it, just like he did in 2017.

SAWS — San Antonio’s public water utility — caught on Thursday hosing their ratepayers and Central Texans with $87 million in impact fee waivers to developers for Vista Ridge (San Antone Hose). Yippee!


KILL BILL — SB 323, a bad petition bill. From the very start of this session, LIV worked with a team of attorneys and petition experts to make SB 323 a decent bill to resolve ballot language disputes between municipal government and citizen petitioners — to no avail. The authors have apparently bowed to the municipal lobby and allowed language empowering municipal authorities to stall petitions in the courts. Moreover, they removed bond measures from the same court review process.

FYI, LIV Board Member, Jeff Harper, reminds you in his article here the redistricting reform discussion in Ft. Worth will be stymied with the passage of SB 323.

Action:  Make your calls immediately to any of the Calendars Committee members to “tag” the bill (to stall it). Find Calendars members information at this link…scroll down.Note to Austin: Rep. Eddie Rodriguez serves on Calendars. We have asked him to tag the bill. You should too. Call 512.463.0674.Then call your State Representative to alert him or her that you want them to put the Texas stomp on SB 323 IF it hits the floor because you support the right to petition in Texas…duh! Find your Texas House Rep here.


HB 1066, is a truly nefarious groundwater bill promoted by the SAWS lobby team to silence landowners who object to the Vista Ridge (San Antone Hose) mega-permit and others like it. It denies them the right to a public hearing extending permits for transferring groundwater out of their area. Join us to urge the Governor veto this bill. It could become law on Tuesday, so do this NOW, please.


The misguided effort to build a megalopolis between Austin and San Antonio continues. It’s brought to you by a public water utility, San Antonio Water System (SAWS) in their never-ending quest to be the King water broker for central Texas — and aid private water hustlers.

On Thursday, San Antonio citizens busted SAWS at a City Council Council hearing for extensive manipulation of data and false claims to justify a $87 million gift to the developers who pushed for Vista Ridge. Now, the developers don’t want to pay for it — surprise, surprise. Congratulations to the three Council members who said no. They span the political spectrum just like us at LIV — Courage, Perry and Brockhouse.

Action:  Watch citizens starting at 3:06:00 in the Council video. Then, contact us for what you can do to get the Vista Ridge Resolution passed.  Read the full Vista Ridge Resolution here.

Note: It’s not too late for candidates in the Mayoral and City Council runoffs (starting May 28) to join those who support the Vista Ridge Resolution: Greg Brockhouse (Mayor’s runoff), Jada Andrews-Sullivan IDistrict 2) and Adriana Garcia (District 6). Please ask about this at upcoming candidate forums, especially in District 6.

Thanks, y’all. And, yes, you can donate to our cause any old time!

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