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Let's Get Our Priorities Straight: Water, Land and Democracy

picture of button, "Climate Hawks and Peace Doves"
New LIV Button Comes with Membership

We just returned from the highly successful Southern Family Farmers Conference in San Marcos. Our LIV table was a big hit,

Picture of Ron Choi and Linda Curtis at Southern Family Farmer's Conference
Ron Choi and Linda Curtis at Farm Conference for LIV

especially with our new "Climate Hawk and Peace Dove" buttons. Thanks to Ron Choi for pitching in with LIV's Linda Curtis.

We learned lots of things about soil regeneration and successful sustainable farm and ranch practices.

Most important was what we learned about the Farm Bill, something that is addressed every five years by Congress.

We are asking you to join us and the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance to get a message to Congress to focus now on how to get our priorities straight. We must weather multiple food, water, and weather crises from Maui to right here in Texas. Meanwhile, President Biden is asking for an additional $24B for the war in Ukraine, to which more and more Americans are left scratching their heads as we scratch for a living.

It's really a simple message. It's food, not bombs.

Here's what LIV asks you to do:

  • Call and meet your member of Congress about the Farm Bill in the month of August, when they are home. Make plain you support food, not bombs -- urge a negotiated peace now in Ukraine and their support for the following pieces of legislation:

    1. Meat Processing Reforms

    2. Addressing Corporate Consolidation and Abuses

    3. Supporting Regenerative Agriculture

Read this for the details: from Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance to prepare yourself and call us at LIV to assist you.)

Find your representatives here, but make sure to call your member of the US House of Representatives.


A Little More Homework!

Read this August 10th article in the Austin Business Journal, Not Your Father's Farm. We will discuss this more at Saturday's meeting at the Bastrop Library or on Zoom.

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