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Veto One-Party Rule, HB 2127 • NO on SB 1933 • YES on local foods SB 829

Citizens attending recent meeting with TCEQ and Gapped Bass in Bastrop
With one-party rule, we might not see this kind of community participation in the future. Bastrop citizens meet with TCEQ and Elon Musk rep.
Yesterday, we asked you to sign and send this letter to Governor Abbott urging him to veto HB 2127. LIV fights for the rights of ALL Texans to control their government, local and otherwise.

If you called the Governor and got cut off, try again. He's getting lots of calls!

We need your help to spread the word on Facebook -- read down this alert for how.

Please ask your fellow Texans to sign the letter, call the Guv, and pivot today and tomorrow on:

Senate Bill 1933, another reason to veto one-party rule

comes to House Floor tomorrow, Saturday, May 20th, read this flier!

LIV believes everything in the above flier about SB 1933.

Please call your State Rep now to vote against this bill unless it is amended to have buy-in from the Democrats. LIV wants AT LEAST two parties, though as you know, we want more electoral competition beyond just two options.

While you're at it, please ask your State Rep to support -- vote YES -- on SB 829. More here from FARFA about SB 829.

If HB 2127 and SB 1933 become law, might we see a populist movement beyond this legislative session to veto one-party rule and to empower independent voters? We shall see.

Now, send the letter, call the Governor at 512.463.2000, and ask your friends to sign the letter too.

Help LIV reach thousands more Texans!

Share this Facebook post, and leave a comment.

Able to donate? We need funds for our Veto 2127 social media campaign.

Hoping for the best, we remain LIV!


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