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Is Texas Dunn Yet; Tim Dunn, that is?

West Texas billionaires own Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott's real masters, Tim Dunn and Farris Wilks

Early voting for tomorrow's "Super Tuesday" presidential primary is done or should we say, Dunn?

Tim Dunn sits there in West Texas weaving his political web while watching the destruction unfold on the Texas Panhandle's land, water, and livestock. Texas is not nearly Dunn yet, but might be if we don't make our politics serve us not serve us up to the likes of Dunn and Christian Nationalism. Is what is happening to us -- our water, our land, and our democracy -- the Armageddon for which Christian Nationalists, like Dunn, have prayed?

Folks, these wretched people believe Armageddon will force Jews to finally repent and become Christians to avoid going to hell! We kid you not.

Dunn has been shoveling money by the millions to the Texas GOP triumvirate, our very own

Photo of Gov. Greg Abbot, Attorney General Ken Paxton and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Houston Chornicle.
The Texas Triumverate; Abbott, Paxton and Patrick, from Houston Chronicle

Texas Taliban -- Dan Patrick, Greg Abbott, and Ken Paxton. One of his PACs has invoked the word "liberty." Liberty to do what? To snooker you to be part of a scheme to destroy anyone or anything that gets in their way to run your life, including your religious life.

We strongly suggest you read Quorum Report Harvey Kronberg's latest:

Is there a contest in either party primary in your community that you care about? Then, go vote, and we'll see what shakes out after this primary.

For you deep divers:

The good news in this GOP meltdown was printed in copious detail in the March edition of the Texas Monthly, "The Billionaire Bully Who Wants to Turn Texas Into a Christian Theocracy." Finally, at least Texans of all persuasions get to see the real Tim Dunn.


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