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MLK Day for Independents: The Elephant in the Water

Celebrate the independent, unity builder, dreamer, and supreme organizer, Martin Luther King today!

Join and get active in the League of Independent Voters of Texas. Dues start at just $10 for the year. Donate or Join here.

LIV news:

Elephant in Water - TX Lege News!

• Bastrop/Lee Countians:. Sign this to Lost Pines GCD

Happy Trails Judges Fischer & Pape!

Why you have not heard from LIV since November 16.

On November 16 the Texas Senate Committee on Water, Agriculture, and Rural Affairs met, signaling BIG changes in water policy.

This week it became clear that WATER is at the top of the Texas Legislature's agenda. You know, water, the thing you cannot live without after three days.

Something else really big happened. The 2022 election results in Texas made plain that ignoring Texas independent voters is not smart. A must-read is this Harvey Kronberg Quorum Report article. Note: Harvey's "15%" number is probably low. Texas independents are likely to be 24-27%; nearly 3.8 million Texans identify as independents!

LIV took off two months to regroup,

and we're still at it.

We remain steadfast in our mission of achieving electoral competition (more independent candidacies and parties, including contested primaries) and the protection of natural resources. Most important to our mission is how we organize across the partisan divide. LIV dares to bring together right-wing, left-wing and all points in between because that is where independents are to be found.

LIV has a working group that meets weekly. Our group includes people who voted for Trump, Biden, Sanders, Stein (Green), or Jo Jorgenson (Libertarian). Some are members of the new Forward Party. We hear the No Labels Party is also coming to Texas, and we will welcome them too. Yeah, yeah, we know, it can't be done.

If you're confused, you're not the only one.

The entire political spectrum is confused. At this moment, much of the Left is pro-war and pro-security state (CIA, FBI, NSA). On those same matters, the Right has begun to sound like the old Left from the 1960s.

The good news is independent media is growing. Why? Corporate media keeps missing the story. Note: LIV has no position on federal policy. However, to illustrate our point we offer independent Texan, Ron Paul's article on the Twitter Files, for your consideration. The Intercept article about concessions won in US Speaker's race to avoid a debt crisis here, is another.

Can we drop the labels?

We believe the answer is simply in working together on that which we agree. The destructive partisanship we see today is not to be confused with democratic competition, listening and pluralism. There is a difference!

If you don't like political fences, join LIV and help us grow. We need money and, most of all, your participation.

LIV forums are currently on hold as we get our house in order. However, we invite you to send us your ideas for forums or to join us on Sunday evenings at 6:30 pm on Zoom. Email us at or give us a ring at 512.213.4511.

Thank you for listening!


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