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LIV Citizen of the Year

Nancy McKee brought the Elephant into the hearing room!

LIV proudly announces our citizen of the year, Nancy McKee of Lexington, Texas.

Nancy and her husband Ronnie stepped up five years ago to protect their and their neighbors' water wells from damage caused by Vista Ridge's pumping for San Antonio Water System, SAWS. Nancy didn't stop there. She brought the Water Elephant into the hearing room with outstanding perseverance, courage, and humility.

McKee pointed out to the Texas Senate Committee on Water, Agriculture and Rural Affairs the rank insult of SAWS's massive water waste (43,000 acre-feet in 2021, revealed in Elena Bruess's article published in the San Antonio Express News) from failing infrastructure while the SAWS/Vista Ridge began importing nearly equal masses of Vista Ridge water (50,000 acre-feet). Nancy politely and forcefully placed this travesty smack dab in the lap of Senator Charles Perry. It's in the record and we hope will be in the mix of the 2023 Texas Legislative Session for action -- including yours -- you Texas independents.

Check out McKee's amazing testimony here. LIV loves you, Nancy!


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