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Candidate of the Year, Runner Up and Very Honorable Mentions

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

The Outstanding Sarah Stogner Republican Primary Candidate for Railroad Comissioner

Oil and gas attorney, Sarah Stogner, ran in the GOP primary for Railroad Commissioner, receiving a whopping 308,895 votes, 34.96%! This showed the world that there is BIG support among core GOP voters for oil and gas reform.

But here’s why we think she deserves a medal from Texans of all persuasions. The day after she lost the primary runoff, she was immediately back in the saddle stating:

“You didn’t think I’d go away quietly did you? I’m just getting warmed up. Steep learning curve. See y’all soon!”

Since then, Stogner has continued the quest to get oil and gas policy, the Railroad Commission, and the destruction of water and land in West Texas under control. She has also tweeted about her meeting Andrew Yang and about the Forward Party. Good deal!

PS Stogner’s infamous ride on a pumpjack in pasties was the most daring move we’ve seen since Jesse Ventura’s 1998 gubernatorial campaign ad in which he posed naked as Rodin’s The Thinker. 😊


LIV Runner Up: Susan Cook,

Independent for Hays County Commissioner, Precinct 4

Susan Cook is LIV's runner up candidacy in 2022. She received another whopper vote, especially for an independent candidate -- 46%running in a two-way race against a GOP incumbent for Hays County Commissioner Precinct 4. Way to sizzle, she did! Despite the disappointment of a loss, Susan accomplished a big leap for down-ballot independent candidacies. Thank you so very much, Susan!


Very Honorable Mention: Ronnie McDonald,

Independent for Bastrop County Judge

Ronnie Mcdonald’s attempt to become Bastrop County Judge as an independent in a three-way contest was inspiring to us. It had been 12 years since Ronnie served as a Democrat for four terms as County Judge. So naturally, coming in third at 17% was disappointing for the McDonalds and their supporters.

More objectively speaking, however, is a relook at that 17% he received. Ronnie’s percentage may well be an opening for future opportunities for down ballot independent candidates running countywide especially in mid to small size counties.


Very Honorable Mention: Alejandro Arrieta,

Independent for Texas House District 103 - Dallas

Alejandro Arrieta, running as an independent, received 25% in two-way race for Texas House District 103 (Dallas) against long term incumbent Democrat Raphael Anchia. Ale had very little money to run. But his issue of children having equal access to both parents in good standing is BIG. We applaud Ale, a working man, for stepping up and being a statesman on an important issue for kids. We look forward to watching his continued growth as a grassroots leader.


Very Honorable Mention: Linda Curtis,

Independent for Texas House District 17 (Bastrop, Burleson, Caldwell, Lee and Milam counties)

Linda riding Whistle, Tennessee Walker owned by

Bill & Jean Rhodes of Lexington, Dime Box, TX

Linda Curtis was the only independent legislative candidate to get past the onerous Texas 30-day petition ballot window requirement. She had to gather signatures in the middle of a heat wave. Running as an independent in a three-way race, she received 4%.

Linda released, “When I Grow Up” at Independent Texans PAC about the race. She continues organizing to “stop the water grabs,” her signature issue in her campaign and a signature issue for LIV.

Disclosure: Linda serves on LIV’s Advisory Committee and continues to play an important role in LIV and Independent Texans PAC.


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