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Hold on to your hat, Texans! Kronberg rides again!

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Voters of all persuasions: It's bound to be a wild ride from here on out!

Harvey Kronberg at Quorum Report was the lone ranger who hinted the Speaker of the Texas House, Dade Phelan (R-Orange) might be in trouble. Phelan had his hat handed to him in his own primary on March 5th in SE Texas, paying the price for allowing the impeachment of a well-known escape artist and self-serving ideologue, Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The Speaker and eight other Republican incumbents are in the May 28th runoff.

Pay attention because these fools, especially King Greg, may have opened to door for the the very people they love to hate so much, Texas Democrats.

Why you should hold on to your hat is this:

"The grim and not so funny joke is that for all the violence Abbott has perpetrated on the culture of the House, he may get ‘credit’ for increasing Democratic numbers in November while failing to change the anti-voucher math." Harvey Kronberg

PS Remember you can vote in the runoff primary, even if you didn't vote in the first round. You may not switch parties in the second round, however.


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