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Good, Bad and Butt Ugly Bills

Good, Bad and Butt ugly bills in the Texas Legislative Session.

The ugly news is that nearly 200 people died in the Big Freeze. The Legislature was warned in 2011.

The butt ugly news is that former PUC chair, Arthur D’Andrea “told investment analysts that he and the governor planned to protect Wall Street’s billions of dollars of windfall profits captured during last month’s freeze.” (Houston Chronicle, Mar. 19.)

The good news is a new coalition — TXFEB (Texans for Fair Energy Billing) – is fighting for small Texas utilities and for us consumers!

TXFEB will be joining us at our Big Freeze Forum on April 12thm 7 pm.

The bad news is that not one legislator filed a bill for SAWS/Vista Ridge oversight. We assure you, central Texas officials – from local to state – are fully aware of the potential disaster of groundwater/aquifer depletion unfolding not 40 miles from the Capitol Dome, and the ratepayer abuse of 1.8 million SAWS customers.

ACTION: Again, click on the TxFEB site, add that you also want to see an “investigation into SAWS/Vista Ridge now, before we have another manmade disaster – this one, on groundwater.”

More good and bad news is about water bills that will be heard in the House Natural Resources Committee this Tuesday, April 6 at 8 am.

Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund is urging us to reach all 10 members of the committee. You can go in person on Tuesday (preferred) or please comment in writing, or just call ‘em if you can’t do anything else!

On Elections, it’s been all over the news about HB 6 and SB 7. Due to the partisan hammer wielded by the majority (in reality one-party rule at the state level and the ineptitude of the Democrat’s strategy), we believe the solution will lie in the 2022 election and the rising of independent, non-aligned voters. We’ll leave it at that.

Got questions? Feel free to call 512.213.4511 or email us at LIV.

If you are looking for resource information, do use our LIV 2021 Lege Page.

Visit our News page for our last two updates — they’re humdingers.

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