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Dr. King, independent fighter AND uniter.

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, premiere independent in American history, the League of Independent Voters (LIV) launches our 2022 Voter and Candidate Survey. Like Dr. King, we seek to unite voters across all parties and persuasions for:

  • More choices at the ballot box.

  • Ending partisan warfare between two parties with the American people in the crossfire.

  • Making growth pay for itself while protecting water and land resources.

How did King change the world?

He remained nonpartisan, never endorsing candidates or parties. When he was asked to run as an independent for President with Benjamin Spock, to unite the anti-war and civil rights movement, after due consideration, he declined.

Did King, in fact, have something bigger in mind? We think so. He pursued his mission to change the hearts and minds of the American people, uniting a movement across race and economics.

What we do today with Dr. King's legacy is, as we see it at LIV, the task of the independent political movement in America.

Please share it with others across Texas.

Would you like to know NOW, so you can plan ahead on who you will vote for "down ballot" -- for TX House & Senate and County officers:

Early voting in the Republican and Democratic Primaries starts on February 14th, Valentine's Day. Election Day is Tuesday, March 1.

Texans enjoy the open primary, so we can vote in either party primary every two years. OR, we can participate in a minor party convention.

Note: Texas is the only state that does not allow voters to sign a petition for an independent candidate if they vote in the primaries. This is one of many issues being litigated by the Center for Competitive Democracy. See this LIV News article for more.

Got questions or want to get involved? Talk to us! Email us at: or call us at 512.213.4511.


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