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Defend Texas Liberty PAC bought the judge and crowned a King

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick as TaliDan
TaliDan is ready for Halloween

Governor Greg Abbott with crown
King Greg or Tyrant Abbott?

TaliDan and King Greg have at least two things in common. That is Tim Dunn and Farris Wilks (see photos below).

They bought the Judge (Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick) in the Ken Paxton impeachment trial fiasco with a $3M "loan" they ran through the so-called "Defend Texas Liberty PAC."

Dunn and Wilks have been meddling and leveraging their super-wealth in Texas politics for decades. They have Gov. Greg Abbott dancing along with Patrick to make Dunn's and Wilks' religion (the almighty dollar, hiding behind their version of Christianity) reign supreme over the Texas Constitution.

photo from Houston Chronicle of Tim Dunn and Farris Wilks
Tim Dunn (L) and Farris Wilks

The Offend Texas Liberty PAC real agenda is to:

  • Subvert religious freedom with their version of Christianity.

  • Tell parents how to raise their kids.

  • Keep voters forever fighting about abortion and bathrooms.

  • Force school vouchers (calling it "school choice") on Texas public education, including threats to "primary" rural Republicans who refused to pass them in the regular 2023 session.

Does it sound like these guys give two hoots or a holler about your liberty?

Thousands of teachers and education supporters will rally this Saturday, Oct. 7, FROM 12-2 ON THE SOUTH STEPS OF THE CAPITOL in Austin. JOIN LIV THERE or reply to this message to hook up a ride or to meet us there.

PS The Offend Your Liberties PAC money handler is none other than former State Rep. Jonathan Stickland. He's the guy who killed the anti-chaining dog protection bill in 2019. Why? Because he could.

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