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Cornel West is running for President, spoiling for competitive elections.

In case you missed the media coverage, Cornel West, philosopher, political activist, social critic, actor, and public intellectual is running for President with the backing of the People's Party.

<== In his interview on Democracy Now!, West places front and center his call to end the US "proxy war" in Ukraine, explaining how a ceasefire could be negotiated. We, at LIV, would call that spoiling for competitive elections right here in the good old USA.

The war in Ukraine is a worthy debate in light of the lack of debate, so far, within the Democratic Party. When we heard, our concern was whether the People's Party, riddled with in-fighting and drama, had built enough infrastructure to make a go of a presidential campaign. West just switched to the Green Party, with whom he has long been a supporter. Good deal.

Spoiling Elections or Spoiling for Competitive Elections?

We can hear the nattering nabobs now talking about how the Greens will be spoiling this presidential election. Stop it now, please.

The last time we saw an outsider presidential candidate threaten the outcome of a presidential election was 1992, for lord's sake. That was when Ross Perot was coming into the California primary with a whopping 45%. Perot abruptly dropped out. To us who were around then, we had little doubt Perot was receiving threats to his family. He came back months later to garner 19% without one electoral college vote. Those 19 million votes were a testament to the desire for electoral competition. What happened afterward is a long story we hope to tell you sometime.

Now, dear readers, if you think that Perot elected Bill Clinton or that Ralph Nader "spoiled" the 2000 election, read this Reason Magazine article, "No, Ralph Nader did not hand the 2000 presidential election to George W. Bush." The truth will set you free to join our growing movement here at LIV for independent politics in Texas.

Millions more of the American people want electoral competition -- more choices at the ballot box.

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