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Breaking News: Paxton Impeachment Afoot!

Release from Harvey Kronberg, Quorum Report: "Two hours of extraordinary testimony puts AG Ken Paxton on glide path to impeachment.

Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General possible impeachment
Will Attorney General Ken Paxton be held accountable? Texans are about to find out.

Phelan takes control of the narrative, the Speaker can call the House back in on his own for Impeachment. Talk turns to Abbott choice to replace Paxton. In two hours of the most riveting testimony seen in the Texas Capitol since hearings were first streamed, four attorneys, all with deep experience in public integrity issues revealed the results of their investigation of Attorney General Ken Paxton. The depth and breadth of their revelations stunned the committee and are at this very moment reverberating throughout the Capitol."

Read the rest of this extraordinary story about the process for a Paxton Impeachment hot off the press from Quorum Report here.

Paxton is a problem and Texas "Leadership" is out of touch.

King Greg Abbott
Texans want a Governor, not a King

Here's an example. We wrote about HB 2127 here. The bill is sitting on Governor Abbott's desk. He can sign it, let it sit for 20 days after which it goes into law, or he can veto it. HB 2127 ruins local control, including Texans' only right to petition for a public vote. The Governor is supposed to be a public servant, not a King. Sign our letter to the Governor, add your own words if you wish, then call his office at 512.463.2000 to urge a veto!

We could also see by the end of this 88th Legislative Session:

  • School vouchers rammed through OR the Governor threatens a special session. More here at Texas Tribune.

  • Taxpayer giveaway abuses, especially Chapter 313 school subsidies, rammed tonight through the Senate! Check out both Ds and Rs on this stinker, HB 5. .

  • And, so many more good, bad, and ugly bills LIV will report about on June 5th. Sign up to attend this online event below.

LIV Calendar of Events:

  • Tuesday, May 30th, 7 to 9 pm, Bastrop Public Library, about development impacts along the Colorado River. Prepare for TCEQ meeting on Thursday, June 1, see more below. See flier here.

  • Thursday, June 1st, 6 pm, McKinney Roughs Wastewater Permit, TCEQ Public Meeting, Cedar Creek High School Cafeteria, 793 Union Chapel Road, Cedar Creek, Texas, 78612. More here, including how to make comments.

  • Join us at LIV Monday, June 5th, 7 to 8 pm for LIV's "Final Report the 88th Texas Legislative Session: the good, bad and ugly bills." Sign up here.

Do you live in Austin? We share this "Save Dirty Martin's" alert for you to take action -- enjoy the video too!

Thank you!

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