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Breaking news for the cross-partisan independent political movement!

Keeping Texans divided into two parties and at each other’s throats is a great way to further

Wipe your eyes and take a look at who’s blowing their cover in today’s press release!:  Texas Populists Building Independent Rural-Urban Alliance to Protect Water, Land and Elections.

Reserve a seat now to help grow a united Texas independent political movement — no matter which candidate you voted for last November:

  1. Friday, March 24 — Our Water, Our Land, Our Elections Lobby Day

  2. Saturday, March 25 — Texas Populism Conference, Building the Rural-Urban

Ending one-punch, a big sock in the kisser of monopoly elections!


Yesterday’s hearing to end “one-punch” straight ticket voting in Texas (HB 25) is a big sock in the kisser for the two-party monopoly! Watch the hearing. (LIV’s Tom Glass testifies at 19:41). This top priority bill for LIV and Texans for Electoral Competition has a real shot, if we take it.

To do that, we need to see your kisser on March 24th & 25th.

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