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Big Independent Texas News!

Before you read this Big Independent News! from LIV, please read the following:

This coming Wednesday at 7 pm, we will talk about these topics on a Zoom/phone-in. Reply to this message if you’d like to join us with your name and county. We’ll send you the instructions for how to join by phone or computer.

BIG INDEPENDENT NEWS!!! Today, the SAM Party filed papers to set up a new political party for Texas voters, citing 55% of Texans self-identify as independent voters. Though LIV does not promote any party or partisan candidate, we welcome electoral competition with open arms.

Read Bill King’s doozy of a blog today, Why I’m Joining the SAM Party.

More on the Governor: King Greg continues to throw red meat at Texans – like his border wall unwelcome by many Texans who own land on our border — while refusing to admit that state leaders have failed to fix the energy grid. You do see the connection — it’s the old shell game. Does the Governor not know that Texans are as wild bronco riders as they come? With open primaries, we’ve already learned to switch horses at the drop of a hat, or might that be a crown?

If you missed our latest, “King Greg Abdicates,”

it’s a must-read, especially if you’ll be joining us on Wednesday night.

On the Water Front: Water Hearings and meetings abound in the Eastern Counties of Central Texas! The new water coalition by two non-profits, Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund (SAWDF) and Environmental Stewardship (ES), is working to defend our water at by preparing us with real policy, not politics.

LIV is helping to promote the Water Defenders Party on Sunday, July 18th, from 4 to 6 pm, at the Paige Roadhouse Restaurant. We hope you will come from throughout the central Texas region. It’s time for us all to get together, have some fun, and do some scheming to avert the problems seen in water policy coming unhinged. Visit our Event Page for the Water Defenders Party here, share and RSVP.

Please visit to educate yourself.

Independently yours, League of Independent Voters of Texas

PS Please ask your friends and family in Texas to get on our email list. It’s the least intrusive and least expensive way for us to communicate.

PPS And, if you or others can pony-up some dues or a donation, it would be much appreciated.

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