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As our country mourns the dead — LIV News, June 3

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

As our country mourns the dead and celebrates their uniqueness, we suggest you read this very personal and beautiful account of those who knew  “gentle giant”, George Floyd in Texas Monthly.

Special thanks to Richard Winger (Ballot Access News & Center for Competitive Democracy) for his review of Lee Drutman’s revolutionary new book, “Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop.” Drutman’s proposals for fundamental restructuring of our electoral system may be required to heal and unite our country today.

LIV is here to assist you in any way we can to exercise your right to vote in the July 14 primary runoffs and the only Special Election we’re aware of — Texas Senate District 14.

We hope this article helps you understand your options for voting.

And, we’re happy to report that 4 of the 6 candidates running for the Senate District 14 seat (for most of Travis County and all of Bastrop County), have filled out our in depth questionnaire. Let us know what you think — visit this page here.

IMPORTANT UPCOMING EVENTS use the share buttons on each page

  1. This Thursday, June 4, 2 to 3 pm, Freedom of Information Foundation Webinar!

  2. The deadline for Property Tax Protests this Friday, thanks to The Austin Bulldog.

  3. Wednesday, June 17, 6:30 – 7:30 pm, Conference Call “Putting the Public Back in Public Utilities.”

  4. Saturday, June 20, National Poor People’s March (digital — not in person)

We are upgrading our site and all our work at LIV. We have a new page called “Recommended” for news sites, blogs and the like we especially appreciate.

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