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A Real Survey! “Do you want more choices at the ballot box?”

A real survey!

Have you ever been subjected to one of those surveys that really has no intention of actually asking your opinion?

Thanks to LIV leaders and supporters for their input and willingness to answer question after question, we have a REAL survey for you. You can even add your own answers. 🙂

The survey will be the subject of discussion at our monthly “First Monday LIV Meeting” except, due to the holiday, we’ll meet on Tuesday, Sept. 7, 7 pm.

If you plan to attend, contact us for instructions on how to join us online.

Thank you, if you signed the “No King Greg” petition. We have closed the petition at Change dot org, due to tech issues (theirs). Don’t worry, King Greg

ain’t seen nothing yet! Be sure to take the LIV survey and you’ll see what we mean.

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  1. The Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District Hearing was a doozy.

Check out this report requested of us by Bastrop County Democrats: No One is Talking About It.

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