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Texas water, land, and democracy! While the big fish bite, don't forget to nibble

A big fish known as a Grouper
We love Groupers and independent groupies!

While the big fish in the "Texas Lobby" are taking a bite out of Texas -- like they always do -- we little fish are still fighting for our water, our land, and democracy.

Join us over the next two weeks to see what we can get for us regular Texans! Contact us for how. Call LIV at 512.213.4511 (no texts) or email us at We will be in and around the Capitol all week and on the phones for the final push!

Election Bills:

We're still fighting SB 994 Sen. Schwertners' anti-minor party filing fee bill that we wrote about --here.

  1. It's going to the floor tomorrow, May 16th, so please click here to use the portal by the Libertarian Party of Texas to send a message directly to your legislators to oppose SB 994. (Note: LIV does not promote any single party though we want more electoral competition and support the development of minor party options.)

  2. Reach LIV if you want to do more and keep reading our emails this week.

On Water, Land, and Air Protections: TCEQ

We are fighting to stop the serious damage polluters are trying to pull by damaging the process for lodging complaints against our "reluctant regulators" at the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ). That's SB 471 which we wrote about here -- scroll down the post to read it. Take action by:

1. Going to the Capitol to leave a "red card" with the Calendars Committee, as we are doing on SB 994.

2. Calling your State Rep and State Senator to urge a no vote on this SB 471 IF it gets to their desk.

On Groundwater:

BTW, Andy Wier, the Executive Director of the SAWDF speaks to Bastrop Conservatives in Smithville tomorrow night, Monday, May 15. Details here.

Event notice for Libertarian Party Event on May 20th
The Libertarian Part of Texas Enchanting Liberty Banquet
LP Texas Gala in San Antonio this Saturday!
LIV representatives will be attending the Libertarian Party of Texas' gala banquet and extravaganza in San Antonio this coming Saturday evening. While LIV does not promote any single political party, we want to thank LP Texas for playing such an active and leading role in the 88th Legislative Session for all us independents! Ticket sales end on Thursday. Hope to see some of you there! Details here or click on the picture.


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