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What Local Control Looks Like

  1. Great showing last night in the most watched local control battle over groundwater in Texas, Lost Pines!

  2. Thanks to the good folks of Lee County, we have our very first chapter of the League. We need 100 more!

  3. Our conference call this Saturday at 9 am will focus on how to build for local control. Reply for conference instructions.

Mark your calendars!

  1. Wed., September 10, 7 pm. The Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District will make a decision (they put it on hold last night) on the End Op, LP water grab on September 10th in Bastrop.Y’all come! Spread the word from here about it. Pack the house again!

  2. Mon-Tues, September 15-16. Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance Conference, Bastrop Convention Center. More here.  We especially encourage you to attend the water panel that League Board Member, Michele Gangnes will be on. Reserve now!

  1. Here is Henry Urban and Andy Meyer, Paige landowners, at Mayer Auctions last Saturday. We’re also seeing local businesses carrying our signs and helping out with signatures. Thank you all and keep it up!

We also thank Lee County Judge Paul Fischer and Giddings Mayor John Dowell for joining us at our meetings recently. We hope to see more local officials stepping up!

Folks, this is what local control looks like. Want a little bit of it? Be on the call this Saturday!

Think about 10,000 organized independent voters in Texas — to help us reach the 5-6 million who currently identify as independents but have no way of making their voices heard. That’s the ticket, if you want to shake up Texas.

There’s lots more to tell you, but we’ll wait for Saturday. Or, anytime, just give us a call and we’ll be there.

P.S. Thanks to the many people who signed up this week. Now each one, reach one! Keep those new members a comin’!

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