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What happened to the Democratic Party? Food Not Bombs • Action please!

Photo of Food Not Bombs Serving Homeless people in Houston
Food Not Bombs Serving Houston's Homeless

"A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death." Martin Luther King, Jr.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, and longtime leading Texas Democrat, wound up in this Forbes article positioning well to the right of Forbes on the group, "Food Not Bombs" (FNB). FNB has wracked up $25,000 in tickets issued by the city of Houston for their dastardly insistence on feeding the homeless.

Food Not Bombs has a praiseworthy history of serving the homeless since the 1980s without remuneration. They are, in fact, self-funded. They are kind "peace-nicks" of the best kind.

LIV Board Member, Debbie Russell, spoke to Mayor Turner along with scores of others, during "Citizen's Communication" on Tuesday, reporting this to us:

"I worked many years with Turner while he was at the Texas legislature. He was on the right side of criminal justice. But when he became Mayor, he was overwhelmed with competing factions and his flailing is embarrassingly evident now as he just can't fathom the national uproar against his unconstitutional attack on food Samaritans. I was sick I had to rebuke him at the city council meeting this week, but he brought it on himself."

What happened to the Democratic Party, the Party of Peace, the American working class, and the downtrodden?

The story of what happened to the Democratic Party is a long one we will save for another day. But here's a recent and alarming story. On July 29, 2023, Victoria Nuland, former Dick Cheney advisor, and one of the key architects of the Iraq War based on falsified intelligence of weapons of mass destruction, was made Acting Deputy Secretary of State by President Joe Biden. Nuland's direct boss is now Anthony Blinken. Blinken and Nuland directly serve the President.

Two days before Nuland's appointment, here's what went down in the US Senate:

"Senate Democrats banded together Wednesday night to oppose the creation of a new office to audit US military assistance for Ukraine as part of a provision in the annual defense spending bill." (LIV Note: Bernie Sanders was one of the opposition votes and he knows better.) NY Post, July 27, 2023

Food Not Bombs Action Please!

We think the City of Houston should dismiss Food Not Bomb's tickets and instead, give them a medal. If you live in Houston, we suggest you reach out to the Mayor and tell him so.

What else can you do? Share this article and get involved in LIV in your area. Contact LIV today!


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