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Whack this wacky bill NOW, SB 1039, before it screws up Texas elections!

Click on the video to the left for a 30-second lesson on who should be doing the whacking in this Texas Lege Session. Seriously, there's a bunch of wacky bills pushed by some people who think we should concentrate power over our elections to one political appointee, rather than our County Elections people. This is nuts! SB 1039 will be heard tomorrow (5/4, 8:00 am) in TX House Elections. If you agree, please fill this out to be sent to your representatives. Read this alert sent by our friends at the Texas Forward Party about SB 1039. If you agree, please fill it out and send it. NEXT: Anytime before about 9 am tomorrow (5/4), click here to send a message directly to the Elections Committee that you oppose this bill -- SB 1039. Let's whack this wacky bill.

Thank you!


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