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Wave a Magic Wand for an Independent Ticket!

Beto O'Rourke is expected to announce his bid for the Democratic nomination for Texas Goveror soon. Political pundit Matt Dowd just announced he's seeking the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor.

Many independents like Beto. However, we appreciate the sober analysis from Quorum Report's Harvey Kronberg, in "To Beat an increasingly unpopular Abbott, Beto would have to demonstrate discipline he has previously eschewed."

In January, Kronberg also tried to explain how the Democrats' plan to "turn Texas blue" fell flat in 2020, two years after Beto's big surge against Ted Cruz in 2018. Kronberg wrote in his January piece:

"One Democratic graybeard noted that [Democratic Party] Chairman Gilbert Hinojosa's "deep dive" rehab panel does not have one forensic accountant to figure out where all that money went, and suspicions run deep."

The Democrats received a boost from national donors to the tune of $40 to $60 million for the 2020 election but was there a "big skim?" The Democrats need a thorough house cleaning. Perhaps Beto is the best to carry that out because his fundraising is independent.

We don't, however, see Beto winning in a two way race with Abbott. It's not only because Abbott has taken millions from those at the trough, including those who reaped mega-profits off the grid failure -- the Big Freeze.

Millions of Texans want a break -- an independent political break -- with the two-party monopoly.

But, so far, those who could electrify an independent electoral revolt have yet to magically appear.

If LIV Had a Magic Independent Wand

If we had a magic independent wand, we would have Mark Cuban or Joe Straus running for Governor as an independent.

Let's amend that. Let's have both of them running and they can flip a coin for who runs for Governor and Lt. Governor.

They would be swarmed by good talent that's getting wasted in either major party. Like, how about Mike Collier?

Collier is currently running an exploratory campaign to seek the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor.

Collier, a moderate, might situate himself better as an independent or a candidate of the new SAM party.

Going to the Matt

Speaking of Matt, we like the other Matt -- McConaughey. But he has told the truth about himself. He wants to remain an artist.

McConaughey is a great cheerleader. If we could wave an independent magic wand, Matt McConaughey would cheerlead the independents to get on the Texas ballot. That is no small feat requiring great strength, discipline, and a bundle of cash.

Do LIV a favor and get us a magic wand by becoming a member today! Then join us next Monday night at our First Monday Forum. Mark Miller and Jeff Harper will be on the line to turn the redistricting process upside down.


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