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Urban-rural Water Call-In Day — and week!

Today is urban-rural water call-in day marking a united Texas effort to get the water hogs out

Get the public (SAWS) and private hogs (water profiteers) out of the water trough, Texas!

of the trough. If you miss this message, do this anytime this week (though watch for updates) and get set for a long haul until the end of session, May 29th. We have repeatedly warned you that THIS is the largest, most egregious transfer of wealth planned for this session.

During the day, you can use the Capitol Switchboard (512-463-4630) to ask for your State Senator’s office. (Otherwise, find your reps here)

Again, here’s your mission today (or this week, if you miss this) – with suggested messages below:

  1.  Call YOUR Senator with the message below— call the Switchboard at 512-463-4630 (or use this link to find direct numbers & emails).

  2.  Call Speaker of the House, Joe Straus at 512-463-1000, with the message below.

  3. If you can make it, come to the hearing, scheduled for 2 pm today. Details here. Sign in against SB 1392, regardless of whether you choose to testify. Text or call us at 512-657-2089 if you need anything. We will be there!

Message to your Senator – what to say: Please oppose any and all legislation coming this session, including Senate Bill 1392, that threaten aquifers, kill local management of groundwater, and fuel out-of-control real estate development and urban unaffordability. I ask you to call for a full Sunset Review of the rogue municipal water utility, San Antonio Water System (HB 3996 by John Cyrier). I also urge that you support ending straight ticket voting – no longer used in 40 states, (HB 25/SB 2175), to open up electoral competition in Texas.

Please note that while Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has had everyone fighting over bathrooms, his appointee on water, Sen. Charles Perry (R-Lubbock), chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Water and Rural Affairs, has been working in tandem with water profiteers to raid our aquifers and use groundwater as the primary fuel for unfettered urban growth.

This is why we are urging you to reach the Speaker of the House, Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) who has the power to counter-balance Patrick. Joe already supports ending straight ticket voting. Will he stand up for rural Texas and counter the urban “growth machine”? Say a little prayer and call Joe Straus!

Message to House Speaker Joe Straus: Thank you for supporting ending straight ticket voting. I’m calling to ask the Speaker to help stop any and all bad water bills this session. Please ask your appointee, Rep. Lyle Larson to hold a hearing on John Cyrier’s HB 3996 and to stop Larson’s attacks on local management of groundwater districts.

For lots more on the “water front”, view this slide show by our own LIV Board Member, Michele Gangnes.

Urging that you remain alert to protect Texans’ most precious resource,

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