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Bastrop County Water Contract Negotiations Continue

By Jeff Stensland, Time Warner News Thursday, October 8, 2015 at 04:24 PM CDT

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BASTROP COUNTY—Developers along the Interstate 35 corridor are still trying to get water rights from Bastrop and Lee County.

Area property owners oppose the deal, saying their aquifer would be depleted faster than it can recharge. The water would serve communities between San Antonio and Austin. The situation includes a company wanting approximately 50,000 acre-feet of water a year. One acre foot of water is roughly a foot of water covering a football field, including the end zones.

The Lost Pines Conservation District met in private Wednesday night. Board members say this is the same contract they’ve discussed for two years, but have not yet approved. Property owners worry this deal could compromise their future water supply.

“Everything from agricultural prosperity to the opportunity for other businesses, and everything from private endeavors all the way through any industrial endeavors that we might have out here. They all depend on water,” said Bastrop County resident Grant Crump.

This fight follows the approval of another water contract for the San Antonio area. That contract taps a different aquifer, but a study by a groundwater scientist found they’re both connected.

“What is really unbelievable is that they are going to use our water in a slow recharge aquifer to go build over the Edwards Aquifer and its recharge zone,” said Linda Curtis, League of Independent Voters.

Property owners contested this case. On Friday, a judge will determine if they have a say in the deal.

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