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The Texas green tea party — Sign the Petition for Local Control!

[youtube]XLtxCNGkw1A[/youtube] Jim Hightower at the Capitol with Julia Trigg Crawford and Debra Medina, June 2013

If you believe that Texans must and can unite — call it the green tea party, if you like — across the partisan divide, to protect our land, water, air and property rights, please sign this petition for Local Control and Property Rights. Then spread it across the land!

Here’s the text of the petition — be sure to sign it in the window below it and use the Facebook button to share it:

Dear Governor, Commissioners of State Agencies and leaders of both parties:

Whereas, the Governor of Texas, Texas state agencies (including the Railroad Commission, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Texas Water Development Board) and leaders in both parties, are so influenced by the top two lobbies in Texas (real estate and oil and gas), that they are ignoring the clear and present dangers to our land, water, air, and property rights posed by out-of-control population growth and unregulated oil and gas activities, including natural gas fracturing and dangerous pipelines;

Therefore, we urge these reforms in the 2015 legislative session and that current candidates running in the November election adopt these reforms:

• Prioritize conservation first – prohibiting the use of state water funds for municipalities that have yet to enact serious and concerted conservation.

• Prohibit development in areas without their own water supply.

• Prohibit the use of tax dollars by all government entities to promote population growth.

• Expand to rural areas Texans’ rights to petition for a public vote in order to bring about more local control of natural resources and private property so that we may, ourselves, do what the state of Texas is failing to do.

[emailpetition id=”4″]

We suggest you read this national article from Men’s Journal by writer Paul Solotaroff, “Who Stole Our Water“.

Join us every other Saturday at 9 am for our statewide conference calls! Call us at 512-213-4511 or email us at for more info!

Spread the word, y’all! Texas is for us all to share, not the few to take!

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