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Success! Now help us spread it!

We’re starting to hit pay dirt! Read this and, if you haven’t yet, please join the League, get a yard sign and get active y’all!


Starting tomorrow morning, we will have bi-weekly Saturday morning conference calls at 9 am. These are planning and strategy discussions for building the independent movement, and our call for local control, across Texas.

Want to join us for the call tomorrow? Call us at 512-213-4511 or email us at

  1. Our first Regional Round Up was a smashing success with 70 attendees from 13 counties! Many attendees are now working to set up chapters, get out “Stop the Water Grab” yard signs and more. If you want a yard sign, call us or reply!

  2. Did you hear that the Keystone XL pipeline in Texas mysteriously shut down? Federal “regulators” have failed to make TransCanada disclose what, in fact, is going on. Read the release here. If you live in East Texas and want to work with Texas Pipeline Watch, please let us know and we’ll hook you up.

  3. It appears that taxpayer subsidies in the City of Austin are on hold – for now – until the entire council is elected this November under the new 10-1 voting district system! (The 10-1 voter initiative via petition drive, passed in 2012, continues a voter revolt in Travis County.) After giving away the store to some of the wealthiest (Apple) and sleaziest (Formula 1) outfits in the world, Austinites have had enough. Read how lame duck Mayor Lee Leffingwell weeps.

We have some more exciting plans to share…so watch for more next week or join us tomorrow.

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