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Study by George Rice released

A study by respected hydrologist George Rice was released a few hours ago. Rice

George Rice, respected hydrologist, former Edwards Aquifer Authority Board Member

George Rice, respected hydrologist, former Edwards Aquifer Authority Board Member

explains just how dangerous Vista Ridge pumping will be to the aquifer in the Post Oak and Lost Pines districts — affecting hundreds of thousands who rely on the aquifer.

We will be leaving at least 200-450 foot drawdowns the next generation. The study was sponsored by a host of organizations on the front lines of the central Texas water wars from across the Vista Ridge pipeline. It’s that rural -urban alliance at it again!

Click here for the press release.

Click here for Rice’s study.

We just held excellent events in Lee and Guadalupe counties — lots of people are picking up on our petition drive. We’re now receiving thousands of petition letters to Governor Greg Abbott. Burleson County is leading on petitions, so get with it y’all. Petition page here.

Join us in Dime Box at the Blackridge Festival this Saturday? Volunteers needed. Pick up a 4 x 4 sign too! Call 512-213-4511.

Very Important Dates…San Antonio…Smithville

  1. This Saturday, San Antonio, 2:30, Brookhollow Library. Details here.

  2. Tuesday, October 6, Smithville, First National Bank at 6:30 pm. Details here.

  3. Wednesday, October 7, sometime during the day, Judge Carson Campbell will hear arguments on a motion to stop the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District from issuing a permit to End Op LP. That night at 7 pm at Bastrop City Hall, Lost Pines will revisit the permit.

If Vista Ridge collapses, just remember there are other mega-water permits on the way.

Stay ready for action and keep those petitions going! This is an amazing effort.

Share this message using the share buttons on this page. Thank y’all!

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