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Special Session #3: Abbott's Voucher Session

logo for Texans for Public Education
Texans for Public Education Tuesday Night with LIV!

The Governor's 3rd Special Session is underway focused on School Vouchers, despite its resounding failure in the regular session when legislators, including many rural Republicans, did the right thing by holding the line for public schools. One of the most knowledgeable people in Texas on school finance is Troy Reynolds, the founder of Texans for Public Education. We have the pleasure of hosting Mr. Reynolds at this forum on Tuesday night. We also invite local officials, teachers, parents, and students to join us to talk about your concerns for future action to set the Governor and his allies straight.

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Who are these guys?

photo of funders of Defend Texas Liberty PAC
Tim Dunn (L) and Farris Wilks muddy the word "liberty."

Tim Dunn, on the left, and Farris Wilks on the right, deserve your attention. Teachers, parents, students and taxpayers alike have little reason to join the unholy war created by those who want to insert their religion over ours...with our tax dollars in the balance. Many legislators are sick and tired of these guys too.

photo of former Texas state representative, Jonathan Stickland
Foot in mouth Jonathan Stickland

Dunn and Wilks' water boy is former Rep. Jonathan Stickland who has inserted foot in mouth many times. His more recent "blunder" was meeting with a holocaust denier (a guy named Nick Fuentes) just as Israel was attacked by Hamas. Amazing timing, Stickie!

There's only one way to put these guys out of business. Candidates who take their money for the March primaries deserve your full attention.

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