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Sorry, but you need to know this.

Just after you received yesterday’s email, we found out that the anti-petitioln rights bill

(HB 2595) is having a hearing on Tuesday, anytime after 9 am.

This video clip has then Sen. Dan Patrick standing up for the “grassroots” right to petition in 2009. (Austin real estate developer and whistle blower, Brian Rodgers, talks so fast, he had the bill sponsor, Jeff Wentworth, reeling.)

Our conference call today had folks from all corners — tea party, greens, libertarians and government reformers — agreeing to work together to protect our petition rights (NO on HB 2595), and putting a stop to the water grabs (NO on HB 3298) and emiment domain abuse (YES on SB 474).


Contact the “top dog” of the Senate, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, anytime night or day, including this weekend at: or call his comment line at (512) 463-5342.

Suggested message: “My name is ________ I live in _________. I’m asking you to kill House Bill 2595 to protect our petition rights, and to kill House Bill 3298 to protect our water rights. Conserve first, convey later.”

Contact the Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs Committee here to kill the water Gridzilla, HB 3298.

Contact the Natural Resources Committee here to kill HB 2595 to protect your petition rights.

Call your individual State Senator with the same message. They have voice mail at their individual offices in Austin. Find your State Senator here.

Schedule for Monday and Tuesday at the Capitol
Come join us, y’all!


  1. 10 am    Meet at the Capitol Grill, E1.1002. (Come in the main Capitol and ask for directions). We will get you fact sheets and update you, then set up teams to go visit legislators before these hearings begin.

  2. 2+ pm?  HB 3298 (Gridzilla) is on the Ag Committee Agenda but towards the end. Rm. E1.012. Come sign up against the bill at a kiosk or testify. We’ll help you.

  3. 2 pm – Support SB 474 for eminent domain reform. SB 474 Hearing notice. Rm. E2.016. Reach House members this committee and your own Texas house member. Come sign up for the bill at a kiosk or testify. We will help you. It’s already passed the Senate.


  1. 9 am – Sign in against House Bill 2595 to protect your petition rights. Come testify! Rm. E1.012. Notice here.

Spread the word — we may not agree on much, but on these things Texans are uniting!

Got questions? Just ask.

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