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Self-governance in action on water protection while Texas GOP domination fails all of us.

LIV caught a break this week in the Austin American-Statesman and USA Today with our commentary "We must strike a balance between conserving and pumping groundwater."

You would think that when it come to protecting that which we cannot live without -- water -- it might make it to the list of GOP priorities, right? Wrong. Their war against the Democrats was and remains the Governor's, Lt. Governor's and Texas GOP dominated Legislature's number one priority.

What is the Legislature's (including both parties) really doing to protect groundwater and to stabilize the Texas energy grid -- following likely 700 deaths last February?

The time will come for them all to have to answer this soon enough.

The filing deadline for candidates is December 13th. Watch for the "Independent Agenda," coming soon. Texas independents can determine the outcome in this next election, though we hope to see more choices than two. No offense to our friends in both parties. But most Texans -- regardless of their political leanings -- see the need for electoral competition and more choices at the ballot box.

Here's our email alert about this topic. We suggest you tune in to the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District meeting tomorrow night to see self-governance in action -- despite the Legislature's failure to lead.


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